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The Mission of Gateway Harvest, LLC

Gateway HarVest, LLC is a food and farm focused investment club. We make direct, low interest loans to local enterprises that need a small sum to make a big impact on the growth of the St. Louis’ sustainable food system and local economy. 

The Loans

Our loans will range from approximately $2,000 to $5,000, however, we will accept applications for other amounts. We are most interested in making loans for equipment or special projects that will help a farm or food business operate more efficiently and/or support growth. We expect that the borrower will clearly show how the equipment or project will affect the borrower’s business and whether the project will be successfully completed using our loan by itself or in conjunction with other funding. We will consider working capital loans, especially those of lower costs. We will generally not fund start-up businesses.

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Loan Criteria

We are looking for applicants with the following:

Loan Application and Approval Process

  1. Send us a completed loan application
  2. We will review the application and get back to you regarding missing materials or additional clarification.
  3. Review period which may require a field visit by one of our evaluation teams.
  4. Reference checking.
  5. Notification of approval or non-approval.


About Us

We are a small group of individuals, inspired by the concepts of Slow Money, who came together with a common interest of investing our money into local businesses with a focus on food and farming. Our group will not exceed 12 members. If you are interested in joining Gateway HarVest, please email our Member Coordinator to find out if we are currently accepting new members.

Gateway HarVest is one of four investment clubs in the US focused on making direct loans to food and farm businesses.


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